R&D Department

The company personnel is composed of senior firmware/software developers, experienced and highly trained technicians, physicists, engineers, and researchers.

The R&D department actively cooperates with universities, international organisations and research laboratories for studying open issues in radiation detection and for developing innovative solutions in order to expand its range of products. Huge and continuous investments in R&D allowed the company to develop cutting-edge technologies that have been implemented in the most featured devices. 

The current projects aim at developing: 

  • Active and compact neutron dose rate meters and spectrometers for use in mixed and pulsed radiation fields 
  • Portable gamma survey meters for use in strong electromagnetic fields
  • Portable devices for radon concentration measurements in soil, air and water and for calculation of the effective dose released to the lung by the radon daughters 

The research projects are triggered by both internal ideas and needs expressed by our customers. In case you are looking for something specific, which is not present in our catalogue, please get in touch with us. Your need may become our next R&D project in view of a future implementation of a new product in our catalogue.  

ELSE NUCLEAR is the only Italian company that has been admitted as a voting member in the European Radiation Dosimetry group (EURADOS). This allows the company to stay fully involved in the definition of objectives and strategies for dosimetry-related research in Europe.

The other main departments of the company team are: sales and marketing, design and development, purchasing and order management, production, installation and assistance.