CPMON 5303


The monitoring system CPMON 5303 is composed by a network of cabin stations, each equipped with a gamma monitor, a power supply system, an air sampler, and communication electronics.

The cabins are linked with a central visualization/management station (host PC) through a radio connection.

The cabin's equipment can be changed if needed, in particular the power supply system; however, the main components are the same as here described.

In each cabin are installed a gamma monitor NAUSICAA 5301 IC and a filtered sampling device, as well as the electronics and the power supply batteries, linked to the solar panels installed on the top of the cabin.

The cabins are sized to accommodate the equipment required, and are provided with proper insulation and ventilation necessary to ensure the best thermal conditions, as well as protection from rain. The access structures such as doors and stairs are designed to ensure high security. The support pylon and its base are designed to support the weight of the cabins, the platform, the photovoltaic panels and the operators, also in strong wind.

Photovoltaic modules are connected to the instruments through a charge controller. In daytime the solar panels charge the batteries and provide the power supply, while at night it is provided by the batteries.

The monitors include a pressurized ionization chamber detector. The detector is connected and fully managed by the acquisition and control unit, which locally performs the functions of reading, processing and displaying data.

The acquisition and control unit manages the status of alarm, pre-alarm and malfunction, which are indicated by three LEDs (red, yellow, green) and by the internal buzzer; it can be also connected to an alarm beacon. The filtered sampling device is small and requires low power supply, to adapt to outdoor installation, and to reduce the size of photovoltaic panels.

The central monitoring station consists of a host-PC which receives data from the cabins. The connection is established via WiFi directional antenna mounted on the cabins, and omni-directional antenna for reception/transmission from the central station. The graphical software installed on the host-PC enables the management overview of the whole monitoring system, displaying in real time the values of dose rate, the flows of the aspirations and the status of monitors. The user can remotely control the main functions that can be accessed locally from the NAUSICAA monitors. The data are stored in history files on a daily basis and saved to disk, and can be viewed and printed at any time. The central unit interrogates every minute the local units, which respond by sending the data. If it finds an alarm, the local unit transmits the data immediately, updated every second, without waiting for the query.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Monitoring cabin installed on a platform
    • Wireless communication between the cabins and the base station (host PC)
    • Radiation detector: environmental continuous gamma monitor based on ionization chamber
    • Power supply provided by solar panels and rechargeable batteries
    • Filtered sampling system with digital flowmeter
    • Base station: host PC connected to the monitoring stations through radio transceiver
    • Data management software with graphical user interface
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