GALILEO 9900 Series


The GALILEO 9900 systems are designed to automatically monitor the load of vehicles passing through its structure, and to detect any radioactive contamination due to the presence of gamma emitting radionuclide.

The system has a portal configuration, with the holding structures for the detectors typically placed at the sides of the passageway; the number of detection units changes according to the required sensitivity and to the expected vehicle type.

Through proper data processing, tested and validated in the installation sites, the counts acquired by the detectors are continuously compared to the set alarm thresholds; if a threshold is exceeded, the system immediately gives a warning to the operator through acoustic and luminous indications.

Each detection unit is composed of a high-efficiency plastic scintillator faced towards the passageway, together with a photomultiplier and the electronics for HV and signal processing. The detector sides which are not faced towards the measurement area (the passageway) are properly shielded, to lower the environmental background value and to improve the system sensitivity. Two position detectors, at the entrance and at the exit of the passageway, detect the vehicle’s transit and calculate its speed.

The power supply and acquisition module provides power supply to the detection units and the position detectors, acquires the counts coming from the detectors, and indicates the system status through relays. It can be installed up to a 1 km distance from the detection units; it is connected to the control console, which allows to completely manage the system through the very simple and user-friendly visual software.

The software processes the measurements with proper calculation algorithms, capable of distinguish the alarm events and to hedge the false alarms. The continuous background monitoring, and its subtraction from the measurements, are automatically carried out. The alarm events are stored in the memory and they can be recalled through the software for consultation; the archives can be shared via LAN and exported, for example with USB memories.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • High sensitivity measurements of gamma radiations
    • Adjustable configuration for best compliance to layout and vehicles specifications
    • Large plastic scintillators
    • False alarm rate: 1:10'000
    • Continuous monitoring and automatic environmental background subtraction
    • Pass-through speed control
    • Alarm and bad functioning events management, with local display and remote (upon request) indications
    • Ethernet communication for remote monitoring and teleservice (during the warranty)
    • Designed to resist to maximum wind loads
    • Connectable to vehicle identification devices (plate readers)
    • Available relays for safety devices connection (interlock, alarm indicators…)


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