GSU gamma spectrometry unit is composed of a 2”x2” NaI(Tl) detector with MCA, installed inside a 5 cm thick lead shielding well, performing high sensitivity gamma spectrometry and specific activity measurements.

The main application of GSU is the analysis of small samples, such as foundry casting samples, air particulate filters, metal by-products, geological samples, food, and other materials. Analysis of slag, dust and liquid samples contained in Marinelli beakers is also possible. 

When required, GSU includes a custom-designed sample holder designed for foundry casting samples.

The ELSE NUCLEAR software allows the user to define specific ROIs, to determine the partial and total specific activities (Bq/g). Isotope identification analysis can be provided optionally.

The GSU DYMO version is designed to perform gamma spectra acquisition in a dynamic configuration, which means that either the detector or the object to be monitored is moving. This requires a considerably fast and accurate data acquisition, and a high efficiency. The proprietary software allows to perform this analysis, through the possibility to set the frequency of the spectra acquisition (1 s typical). A moving average algorithm is applied to the acquired spectra to better identify sudden spectrum variations above the background. GSU DYMO is the perfect solution for applications that require a simple, reliable and versatile instrument to perform gamma spectrometric analysis, such as:

  • aerial monitoring of a territory portion performed with helicopters or drones
  • area monitoring performed with vehicles (either ground or water)
  • monitoring of materials carried by conveyor belts

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Excellent, reliable temperature stability
    • High sensitivity
    • Nuclide identification available
    • Reliability and versatility
    • NaI(Tl) based gamma spectrometer
    • Specific activity measurements in samples, slag, dusts
    • PC with ELSE NUCLEAR software for ROI definition and data management
    • Typical MDA of 0.02 Bq/g for foundry casting steel samples
    • MCA: 2048 channels
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