LUPIN 5401 Series


The environmental monitoring unit LUPIN 5401 is a modular system for neutron H*(10) measurements, with excellent performance for detection in pulsed neutron fields.

The instrument is composed by the following parts:

- Neutron Proportional Counter: 3He (LUPIN 5401 HE3-NP) or BF3 (LUPIN 5401 BF3-NP);
- Spherical or cylindrical polyethylene moderator (with optional Pb layer)
- Built-in Power Supply, Signal Acquisition and Processing, and Control Electronics.

The built-in electronics processes the signal coming from the detection unit, and elaborates the instantaneous H*(10) rate value every second.

The data are sent to the connected Saturn rate-meter, which locally displays the instantaneous H*(10) rate and the integrated values, and compares them to the pre-set alarm thresholds.

The Saturn rate-meter provides also the light indications and the acoustic signal to alert the operator when an Alarm or Pre-alarm status occurs.

The Alarm signal can be instantaneous or delayed by setting a delay time. The Good Functioning of the unit is always checked by the built-in CPU board.

The Alarm, the Pre-alarm thresholds and the operating parameters are stored on a non-volatile memory and they can be set by the operator on the keyboard or remotely via the Remote Management Software (optional).

The connection to the Host PC can be made by using direct link or multi-drop depending on the communication type (RS232/Ethernet or RS485).

The LUPIN 5401 monitoring unit is available with different configurations:

  • Stand-alone portable monitor (with LCD display)
  • Wall mounted
  • On trolley with fixed or mobile detector


Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Proportional counter: 3He (spherical moderator) or BF3 (cylindrical moderator)
    • Energy range: from thermal up to 5 GeV
    • Energy response closely resembles the ICRP74 conversion curve
    • H*(10) rate: from 10 nSv/h to 100 mSv/h
    • Unaffected by signal pile-up and so particularly suited for pulsed neutron field
    • Maximum H*(10) per burst in pulsed fields: 200 nSv (3He), 2 µSv (BF3)
    • Connectable to Saturn series rate-meters
    • Available interfaces for communication with the Saturn series rate-meter: serial RS232 (default), RS485/422 for long distance (optional), Ethernet (optional), Wireless ZigBee up to 1 km (optional)
    • Excellent gamma rejection (< 0.5 µSv/h at 50 mSv/h, 662 keV)


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