The wide range probe GMP WR is composed by 2 energy-compensated Geiger-Müller detectors for widerange gamma fields measurements, housed in a high-protection cylindrical aluminum case together with the HV and processing electronics.

The measurement range can be further extended from 10 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h in the GMP WR-L version.

The switching between the 2 GM tubes is automatically controlled by the internal electronics, which continuously surveys the counts level (anti-saturation and input selection).

The aluminum case has a protection grade IP65, which makes possible to install the probe outdoor granting its safety and functioning. It is also provided with the wall mounting accessory.

GMP WR is connected to the ELSE NUCLEAR ratemeter of the SATURN series, through a serial communication. The ratemeter receives and processes the data from the detector, performs the analysis and comparison with the thresholds, displays the results and the status through proper signals. Also, it allows to set the operative parameters via its keyboard. Several Mercury probes,

each connected to a Saturn ratemeter, can be interconnected to form a multi-point measurement network (ELSE NUCLEAR monitoring system).

GMP WR is a low energy consumption probe, so it has a long operating time if power supply is provided by an external battery.

PS-ZB module can be provided upon request: it provides local power supply to the connected Mercury probe as well as ZIGBEE Wireless communication. A receiver (ZB_TC) will be positioned in a place without any barriers such as walls, columns, or machines, so that it can receive a clear signal coming from the probe. The receiver is then connected to the ratemeter to acquire the radiological data.

Upon request, a GPS can be installed in the PS-ZB too.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Measurement range: 0.1 μSv/h ÷ 1 Sv/h (GMP WR), 10 nSv/h ÷ 10 Sv/h (GMP WR-L)
    • Detectors: 2 energy-compensated Geiger-Müller tubes
    • Energy range: 40 keV ÷ 1300 keV
    • Automatic switching between GM tubes, based on acquired counts level
    • Integrated power supply electronics
    • Microprocessor-based processing unit, antisaturation and input selection circuits
    • Wall mounting accessory
    • Suitable for outdoor installation
    • Connectable to the PC via ELSE NUCLEAR ratemeters of the SATURN series
    • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, Wireless ZIGBEE (upon request), RS232/422/485 (upon request)