MHOS 9700 HWM-P15


The MHOS 9700 HWM-P15 monitor allows to perform automatic contamination controls on the materials passing through its portal-shaped measurement area.

It is specifically designed to measure the radioactive contamination level in hospital waste materials.

In particular, MHOS 9700 HWM-P15 allows to detect the transit of radioactive sources – or radioactive material – through the passageway delimited by the two detector columns. A luminous and acoustic alarm is activated when activity threshold is exceeded; operators can set threshold value as a parameter.

In each of the two columns is housed a plastic scintillators complete of the signal processing electronics and a lead shielding for environmental background, on the sides not facing the passageway. The processing electronics acquires the signals coming from the detector units and compares the acquired data to the alarm threshold values. This operation is performed on each detector’s data. The alarm thresholds can be entered as a cps value in the system’s parameters, or alternatively they can be automatically established by the management software through a sigma value referred to the detected environmental background.

MHOS 9700 HWM-P15 performs high-sensitivity measurements of gamma radiation, minimizing the number of false-negative and false-positive alarms. When the threshold is exceeded the system acquires the measurement data and save them in the archive, and graphically displays the results. The alarm events are signaled by the LED alarm column and by the siren. An alarm report can be produced by a label printer.

The MHOS 9700 HWM-P15 continuously verifies the electronics status through a self-diagnosis function. On the console is indicated the “health status” of the system. Further indicators are dedicated to each detector, signaling the acquisition and the electronics status. A bad functioning event is visually and acoustically indicated, like the alarm events.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • High-sensitivity gamma radioactivity measurements
    • Detectors: 2 plastic scintillators
    • False alarm rate: 1:10’000
    • Visualization and saving of thresholdexceeding events
    • Continuous monitoring and automatic threshold determination available
    • Alarm and malfunctioning events indicated by luminous-acoustic device
    • Relays available for safety devices connection (interlock, alarm beacon…)
    • Ethernet connection available
    • Report printing available
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