NAUSICAA 5301 IC Series


The NAUSICAA 5301 IC environmental monitoring unit is a modular system for gamma dose measurements, and it comes in two versions: with an electrometer for pulsed field measurements (7 decades, 5301 IC-T-PF) or with an electrometer for environmental measurements (9 decades, 5301 IC-T, default version).

The detector is an ion chamber, which allows to extend the detection energy range down to the low energies (35 keV).

The instrument is composed by the following main parts: 

  • Ion chamber detector
  • Power supply and signal processing electronics
  • Acquisition and control unit

The acquisition and control unit elaborates and visualizes the data coming from the detection group, composed by the ion chamber and the connected electronics.

The unit allows to visualize locally the dose rate or the integrated dose values and eventually indicates alarm, pre-alarm or bad functioning statuses through acoustic and luminous signals.

The threshold values for alarm and pre-alarm statuses, and the operational parameters, which are saved in the internal memory, can be set by the operator through the external keyboard or through the remote management software (optional).

The standard configuration of NAUSICAA monitoring unit, suitable for indoor use, is composed by a table box 3U 63HP, which hosts the electronics modules, and the ion chamber directly installed on top of it.

Wall mounting accessories are also available, as well as a high-protection IP54 container.

It is possible to connect the acquisition unit to a host PC through Ethernet communication. Alternatively, serial communication is available (RS232 up to 10 m distance, RS485/422 up to 1 km), or a wireless communication module can be provided.

The host PC includes the 5700 sMON software, which allows a complete remote management of the monitoring unit. Alternatively, a simplified software can be provided, to be installed on a customer PC, for archive storage, which allows to save in the memory the monitoring data and to visualize them on the PC.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Detector: pressurized ion chamber
    • Measurement range: 10 nSv/h ÷ 100 mSv/h (pulsed field version) or 10 nSv/h ÷ 10 Sv/h (environmental measurement version)
    • Energy range: 35 keV ÷ 10 MeV
    • Local display of acquired data and alarm status
    • Connectable to a Host PC through Ethernet, serial (even RS485/422 for long distances), or wireless communication (upon request)
    • Software for remote management and data visualization available upon request
    • Simplified software available for archives storage available on the host PC
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