The aerial Beta monitor NAUSICAA 5303 2IC is a system designed to measure Beta activity in the air, compensating for the Gamma background. The main components are two identical ion chambers built in stainless steel, and the acquisition/processing electronics featuring a display and a functional operator interface.

The two ion chambers are cylindrical and typically aligned between them. The air to be monitored flows in just one of the two chambers, while in the second there is a reference gas (which can be air itself). The HV power supply value is the same for both cameras, but with opposite polarity. The electrodes of the cameras are connected on a single impedance, so the resulting current is actually the difference between the two single currents coming from each camera. This configuration allows to compensate for the environmental Gamma radioactivity, improving the measurement performance. Furthermore, before passing through the active volume of the chambers, the air flows in a de-ionizing space where electric charges are eventually absorbed; this process further limits possible spurious signals.

Given its configuration and its compensation ability, the monitoring unit can measure the gas (air) activity as follows:

  • Differential measurements with reference: a reference gas is put in one chamber, while the gas to be monitored flows in the other chamber
  • Continuous differential measurements: the gas to be monitored flows in one chamber, while the other chamber is kept closed

The electronics of the NAUSICAA 5303 2IC performs the acquisition, the processing and the visualization of the data coming from the measurement unit. 

Thanks to the display it is possible to locally read the activity concentration value, and the built-in acoustic and luminous signaling devices alert the operator of any alarm, pre-alarm or malfunctioning event. The alarm and pre-alarm thresholds levels, as well as the others operative parameters, are saved in the internal non-volatile memory, and they can be entered by the operator using the provided keyboard or remotely via the management software (accessory).

The standard configuration of NAUSICAA 5303 2IC monitor, suitable for indoors applications, is composed by the measurement unit (wall- or panel-mounted) and a 3U 63HP desk rack which the electronics modules are installed in.

It’s possible to connect the acquisition unit to a host PC through RS232 serial connection, for distances up to 10 meters; for longer distances (up to 1 km) a RS485/422 connection is available. Also, an Ethernet or wireless connection are available on request.

On the host PC is installed the archives transferring software, that allows to save the monitoring data and visualize them on the PC. Alternatively, the 5700 SMON software can be installed on request: 5700 SMON allows the complete remote management of the monitoring unit.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Detectors: double pressurized ion chamber
    • Active volume of each chamber: 10 l
    • Material: AISI 316 stainless steel 
    • Measurement range: 3.7x104 Bq/m3 - 3.7x109 Bq/m3
    • Local visualization of the acquired data and alarm statuses
    • Connectable to a Host PC (available on request) through serial (RS485/422 available for long distances), Ethernet or wireless (on request) connection
    • Remote management and data visualization software available on request


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