API Newsletter - Start of partnership between Else Nuclear S.r.l. and CAEN SyS

Here is an extract of the API newsletter, where the collaboration between our company and CAEN SyS is described.

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ELSE NUCLEAR S.r.l., Italian leader in the radiation detection business since more than 30 years, announced at the end of March 2017 the establishment of an important agreement with CAEN SyS, an innovative start-up controlled by the well-known CAEN S.p.a. which was born in the 1979 as a spin-off of the INFN. CAEN SyS is a worldwide leader in the electronic production business, for high-energy nuclear applications. Thanks to this agreement, the complementary know-how of the two companies will unite in a new, future-oriented synergy.

This agreement is a consequence of the expansion plans of ELSE NUCLEAR, which began some years ago with huge investments in R&D activities that led to the development of new products. The goal of this process is to engage new challenges in unexplored market branches, and to fortify our presence in the international scene: during 2016, about one third of the 2,5 million euros sales volume was generated by the international market. Thanks to the collaboration, the two companies will work in synergy, adding to the development, engineering, and integration abilities of ELSE NUCLEAR the expertise in nuclear electronics and theoretical physics, the knowledge of the market and the capillary distribution potential of CAEN group.

The collaboration will lead to the distribution of affirmed ELSE NUCLEAR products by CAEN, as well as to the development of new state-of-the-art and customised systems to be used in environmental radiation monitoring applications, radioactive wastes characterization, and all the activities related to the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. This particular business branch is going to expand considerably in the next years, because most of the nuclear power plants built around the ‘70s and ‘80s is approaching the end of its life cycle. The new products will be developed by R&D departments of both companies, which include physicists, nuclear engineers and electronic engineers with years of experience in this market.

An all-new Italian nuclear industry will be born from this agreement, able to offer to the main international players cutting-edge solutions to satisfy their requirements, starting from the definition of the technical specification and development, all the way to promotion and installation in nuclear power plants everywhere in the world. The presence of this industry in our country might seem somewhat in disagreement with the decision made in 1986 to completely stop the nuclear program in Italy. Actually, the knowledge in this sector did never fade out, on the contrary it always maintained itself in the years, and today we are presented with a unique opportunity. In fact, the choice made in 1986 stopped all the development plans for nuclear energy production technologies, but on the other hand it gave birth, years and years in advance in comparison with the rest of the world, to all the activities related to the decommissioning of the existing nuclear power plants. As a consequence, our country now possesses a more advanced knowledge and expertise in comparison with our neighbours. So, decommissioning can really become an Italian industry, exporting knowledge and products worldwide, with ELSE NUCLEAR and CAEN SyS playing a leader role.

June 2017