PIC is a high-precision directional free-air ion chamber, capable of measuring the intensity of a collimated particle beam passing through its entrance and exit windows.

Light and compact, PIC is provided with a special thread compatible with tripods used for standard cameras. It is a very robust device, designed to detect essentially every kind of charged and non-charged particles, ranging from gamma and X-rays to high-energy protons and heavy ions.

PIC collects the charge generated in its active volume by the collimated beam of particles passing through it, thanks to the polarization provided by a high voltage supplier.

The large active diameter and the big volume guarantee a high sensitivity even to low beam intensities. The connection to the ELSE NUCLEAR’s special ultra-sensitive electrometer allows the PIC to work over a very wide dynamic range, up to 9 decades.

The acquired data are sent on-line via a fast Ethernet connection to a PC, where the ELSE NUCLEAR’s user friendly software allows an instantaneous visualization of the differential and integrated data, including their safe storage and management in a database.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • High sensitivity free-air ion chamber
    • Specifically designed for collimated beams’ measurements
    • Large active diameter
    • Big active volume
    • Extra-thin Mylar window for X-ray monitoring
    • Tripod mount
    • Coupled to ELSE NUCLEAR’s ultra-sensitive electrometer (SATURN series)
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