The PITAGORA environmental monitoring system is a modular and flexible system, consisting of wall mountable equipment, specifically designed to detect area and air radioactivity.

The system allows both dose-rate monitoring of gamma/neutron fields (Area monitoring) and activity measurements of air contamination (Air and/or Stack monitoring).

The basic structure of the PITAGORA 5700 is composed of up to 45 local units (detector + SATURN I 5700 RTM-WM ratemeter) and a central unit (CPC computer + 5700 sMON software + Junction Box). The system supports also the NAUSICAA 5301 IC series, the gamma-neutron monitoring station SATURN I 5702 GN PNP, and Else Nuclear’s Pulsed Field monitoring equipment.

Each detection unit can be provided with a remote alarm unit, composed by red, yellow and green lamps and siren, indicating alarm and pre-alarm status, probe’s malfunction and good operation.

The system’s central unit collects the data of all the local units of the PITAGORA 5700. The connected units may be the local ratemeters (area and stack monitoring) and the APU control unit of the MISTRAL XM air monitor.

The local units are connected to the central unit via Ethernet cables, or RS485 for distances > 100 m. 

This connection cable allows data acquisition, while the power supply of the local units is provided by local mains sockets. The Junction Box houses a network switch where all data cables are connected, to be then channeled in the CPC.

All main monitoring functions are available to the User both locally and remotely at the central unit. The supplied 5700 sMON software provides data acquisition, processing, displaying, and storage. Furthermore, it allows setting operational parameters, verifies alarm thresholds, produces reports, and recalls historical data.

The software 5700 sMON is a complete, Windows compatible, remote software package for real time control, display and management of the entire monitoring network. The graphic interface presents four management windows: Main, Parameters, Command and Graphics. Virtual keys and selectors are available for user friendly access to the functions.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • PC based Central control station
    • User friendly remote management software, with easy access to the archives
    • Connection of up to 45 monitors via Ethernet (for distances < 100 m) or RS485 (for distances > 100 m)
    • One connection cable required for each local unit (data transmission)
    • Monitors can be up to 1 km far
    • Supports all available detectors
    • Local visualization of measuring data of all local units
    • Remote management of all local units (setup of parameters and alarm thresholds)
    • Continuous control and real-time display visualization of equipment’s status
    • Storage every minute on daily files of instantaneous, average, maximum dose rate, and integrated dose
    • Graphical display of stored data with calculation tools


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