Air monitors

This category includes all the available air monitors up to date. Depending on the type of detected particles, they can be divided in:

  • Gamma monitors (MISTRAL XM)
  • Beta monitors (NAUSICAA 5303 2IC)

These instruments, used as stand-alone devices or integrated in a monitoring system, are employed in nuclear medicine departments or in particle accelerator environment in research centres, where the gamma/beta contamination in air cannot be neglected during the machine functioning and after its switching off.

The MISTRAL XM monitoring system is designed to sample and monitor the activity concentration in the air, in Marinelli geometry, where “X” stands for the number of sampling points (up to 8). The MISTRAL XM Rooms is designed for free air monitoring, whereas the MISTRAL XM Stack version is used to monitor the air expelled from a chimney or Stack.

The system performs a multichannel analysis of the detected radiation, thanks to an electronics and a software specifically designed for this task. The MISTRAL XM can be included in a environmental monitoring system (i.e. PITAGORA 5700), thanks an Ethernet connection with the central acquisition unit of the system.

The aerial Beta monitor NAUSICAA 5303 2IC is a system designed to measure Beta activity in the air, compensating for the Gamma background. The main components are two identical ion chambers built in stainless steel, and the acquisition/processing electronics featuring a display and a functional operator interface.