The ETERE GAB is a robust rugged Radioactive Aerosol Monitor designed to continuously sample and measure the radioactive contamination in air. 

It allows the continuous monitoring of the radioactive aerosols collected on a filter media to evaluate the presence of long lived alpha, beta and gamma emitters.

The ETERE GAB is based on a compact and modular architecture that allows easy maintenance and a wide range of applications. The monitor is constituted by an air sampling/measuring section, a display/control module and a pump installed on the base of rack. The sampling can be performed directly from working environments or ventilation systems.

The control unit performs parameters setting-up, filters management, data acquisition, processing, presentation, storage, measurement, test and calibration. The result is the associated concentrations of alpha, beta and gamma emitters in air (in Bq/m3).

The aerosol detection is carried out using a 600 mm2 silicon detector connected to a charge sensitive preamplifier and an amplifier/shaping section. An active Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) performs a fast-digital acquisition and a PHA (Pulse Height Analysis) up to 2k channels. The spectra are transferred to the control unit and related data real time processed. ETERE GAB has also an adding shielded Gamma head employed to detect the gamma emissions coming from the filter during sampling. Gamma background is measured by means of a dedicated detecting system allowing to perform the real-time (dynamic) gamma background compensation on beta measurements.

The ETERE GAB monitor operates with a moving filters tape or with single circular filters. With moving filter, the tape advancement is fully automatic and guarantees an autonomy of months without the intervention of operators.  The automatic filter change mechanism, on the other hand, manages up to 60 filters and allows further analyzes on the sampled filters.

The following main functions are provided:

  • Flow-rate, pressure drop through the filters and temperature measurement
  • Filter, flow and pressure drop management
  • Alpha/Beta/Gamma spectrum acquisition and readout
  • Gamma background measurement and compensation
  • Multi-algorithm processing
  • Evaluation of concentrations and exposures in air
  • Evaluation of gross collected activities
  • System parameters setting-up and control
  • Management of alert/alarm thresholds and trips
  • Detection/management of failures
  • Multi-test and calibration
  • Generation of outputs and data storage


Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • On-line spectrometric techniques for alpha/beta/gamma emitting aerosols evaluation
    • Automatic filter changing system
    • Real time data communication
    • Dynamic background compensation
    • Adjustable alarm levels for all channels
    • Flow rate regulation
    • Air temperature, humidity and pressure measurement
    • Local and Remote alarm reporting
    • Outdoor cabinet with Air Conditioning
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