Gamma detectors - Geiger counters, ionization chambers, scintillators

This category includes all the available gamma detectors up to date. Depending on the detecting medium, they can be divided in:

  • Detectors filled with highly pressurised gas, characterised by extremely high sensitivity (NAUSICAA 5301 IC, DISCOVERY 5302 and ICP)
  • Detectors filled with low pressure gas, composed by a single Geiger Müller tube (GM), or two Geiger Müller tubes for a wider dose rate range (MERCURY GMP-WR)
  • Detectors based on a scintillating crystal, either NaI (PNAI), or LaBr3 (B-RAD)

These instruments, used as stand-alone devices or connected from various stations of a network to a central monitoring and management unit, are employed for environmental monitoring systems, indoor and outdoor, for radiation surveys in hospitals, research centres and radioactive waste storage sites, and for local screening of vehicles and raw materials in industrial applications.

In this category is listed also our gamma spectroscopy sistem based on NaI(Tl) scintillator: GSU.

The DISCOVERY 5302 IC monitoring unit is a modular system for gamma dose measurements, assembled in a highly protected insulated PVC housing.

The detector is a pressurized ion chamber (IC); alternatively, the version IC-T is available, which allows to extend the lower energy range down to 40 keV, if needed.

High pressure ionization chambers, designed for environmental area monitoring of the gamma dose rate, or gamma monitoring in pulsed fields such as synchrotrons.

B-RAD is a portable, hand-held gamma monitor, capable of providing the photon spectra in presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

The PNAI gamma detectors can be optionally coupled to a multi-channel analyser electronics (PNAI-MC), and installed inside a commercial 5 cm thick lead shielding. This configuration is called GSU, a high sensitivity gamma spectroscopy unit based on NaI(Tl) scintillators of the PNAI series.

The gamma spectrometer GSU DYMO is a versatile measurement equipment based on big dimensions NaI(Tl) detectors, designed to perform gamma spectra acquisition in a dynamic configuration.

PIC is a high-precision directional free-air ion chamber, capable of measuring the intensity of a collimated particle beam passing through its entrance and exit windows.

The PNAI detection unit is based on a NaI(Tl) scintillator probe, designed for high sensitivity gamma radiation measurements; these probes best apply to the detection of small activity concentrations in air and in gas exhausted from controlled zones.

The wide range probe GMP WR is composed by 2 energy-compensated Geiger-Müller detectors for widerange gamma fields measurements, housed in a high-protection cylindrical aluminum case together with the HV and processing electronics.

The measurement range can be further extended from 10 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h in the GMP WR-L version.

The NAUSICAA 5301 IC environmental monitoring unit is a modular system for gamma dose measurements, and it comes in two versions: with an electrometer for pulsed field measurements (7 decades, 5301 IC-T-PF) or with an electrometer for environmental measurements (9 decades, 5301 IC-T, default version).

The GM-1 detectors are lodged in aluminum cylinders, together with a built-in HV board, providing power supply to the Geiger-Müller tube, and signal processing electronics.