Portal monitors

This category includes all the available portal monitors up to date. Depending on the type and dimensions of the object to be monitored, they can be divided in:

  • Portals for vehicles (GALILEO 9900 series)
  • Portals for pedestrians (PPM 9300)
  • Systems for monitoring material transported on conveyor belts (MTR 9700 CM)
  • Systems for monitoring hospital waste (MHOS 9700 HWM-P15)

These systems are employed at the entrance of industries, steel plants and scrap dealers, at the exit of nuclear power plants, decommissioning sites, research reactors and particle accelerator facilities, in hospitals, and in all applications where there is a need of checking material in entrance or exit from a nuclear site.

The PPM 9300 monitor has been designed and realized to monitor unauthorized radioactive sources transportation or possible contaminations on persons passing through the device.

The MHOS 9700 HWM-P15 monitor allows to perform automatic contamination controls on the materials passing through its portal-shaped measurement area.

It is specifically designed to measure the radioactive contamination level in hospital waste materials.


GALILEO 9900P is a continuous gamma monitoring system which employs plastic scintillators, designed and developed to easily assess if the materials in transit, through a defined passage or transported by a conveyor, are contaminated. The architecture of the system is simple and modular, thus highly adaptable.

The GALILEO 9900 system is designed to automatically monitor the load of vehicles (trucks or rail wagons on weighting stations) passing through its structure, and to detect any radioactive contamination due to the presence of gamma emitting radionuclide.

The standard system is composed of: 2 detector units, a power supply / acquisition rack, and a control PC.