SOGIN multi-lot tender

SOGIN S.p.A. is the institution in charge of the management of all nuclear plant sites in Italy, and all the related activities. Therefore SOGIN is also our main italian customer for decommissioning instrumentation and monitoring devices: we have provided several monitoring systems installed in all the nuclear plants sites, as well as automatic scanning devices for decommissioning materials. Our biggest and more important machines have been specifically developed for decommissioning activies carried out in SOGIN sites. We can positively say that we are well-known in SOGIN and diffusely present with our products, thanks to a commercial relationship going back many years by now.

During the last half of the 2015, a new multi-lot tender has been issued by SOGIN.

Once again we participated, and once again we won, gaining an opportunity to employ our high-level know-how, to develop innovative solutions, and to present new devices in radiation monitoring businness.

We won 3 out of the 6 lots of the tender, and these are the instruments we presented for the tender:

  • 10 monitoring stations equipped with plastic scintillators, for the monitoring of small bags/containers of decommissioning materials (a slightly new version of the ARCHIMEDES II 9102 WiFi)
  • 1 automatic scanning machine of the ADAMOS series, adapted for specific requirements
  • 1 automatic spectroscopy station equipped with 16 NaI scintillators for scanning containers of decommissioning materials (new project, named FREE-AND 16)

The total amount of the contracts exceeds the considerable figure of 900.000 euros!

For our company, this has been an important goal to achieve, both economically and technically. We think our website visitors (and maybe future customers?) may be glad to see how we are always undertaking new challenges.

February 2016