JRC - Ispra

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) Ispra Site is the third biggest Commission site after Brussels and Luxembourg.

After more than 50 years of development, Ispra is firmly established as one of Europe's leading research campuses. Nested in the beautiful setting of the Italian lakes, Ispra provides a fascinating, multicultural working environment for people from all over Europe and beyond.

Our monitoring systems have been installed in an international, high-level environment such the JRC, where it is requested to live up to very high standards.

In particular, at Ispra we installed an environmental monitoring system of considerable dimensions, composed of 65 gamma measure point (MERCURY GMP-WR + SATURN I 5700 RTM-WM) connected in a data network managed by a central unit (PC + software 5700 sMON) and integrated with JRC's safety systems.

The monitoring system installed at Ispra proved once again that ELSE NUCLEAR is able to supply instruments complying with the highest requirements of performance and reliability.

As a part of the same tender, we also supplied 8 new rem counters (neutron detectors), developed with features that still today are unique in this branch.

Like others important references, this supply has been a huge and important goal, which allowed us to make our appearance in a high level context and to leave another mark of our know-how.

March 2016