The SATURN I 5700 RTM environmental monitoring unit is a compact and modular ratemeter, each designed to receive, process and visualize the dose measurement provided by one of the several probe available.

The SATURN I 5700 RTM is designed to be mounted in RACK; several ratemeter units can be installed at once, and each of them manages the data provided by the connected probe.

The CPU board of each RTM unit continuously receives and processes the data, comparing the results to the memorized thresholds, and saving the data in its internal non-volatile memory. The alarm and pre-alarm threshold values, as well as every operational parameter are also saved in the memory, and can be locally set by the operator through an external keyboard, or remotely through the remote management software (optional). In both cases, a password is needed to access and modify the parameters; the external keyboard allows the operator to insert the password.

Events such alarms, pre-alarms or bad functioning are signaled by acoustic and luminous indicators, and optionally by a remote alarm beacon.

The measurement unit is able to receive data from several types of detectors, each one with different features and application;

this feature provides a high adaptive potential. For the list of main compatible ELSE NUCLEAR detectors, please refer to the data sheet.

By default, the unit locally visualize the dose rate and average dose values; the operator can eventually select others available measurements, setting the proper parameters.

It is possible to connect the acquisition unit to a host PC through Ethernet communication. Alternatively, serial communication is available (RS232 up to 10 m distance, RS485/422 up to 1 km), or a wireless communication module can be provided.

The 5700 sMON software installed on the PC allows to completely and remotely manage the units in real time. Alternatively, an archive transferring software can be provided, which allows to save the monitoring data and to visualize them on the PC.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Data and alarm statuses visualization on alphanumeric LCD display
    • Continuous detector data management
    • Storage of acquired data in internal nonvolatile memory
    • Supports several probe types
    • Rack mounting
    • Luminous and acoustic signalling of good operation, alarm and prealarm conditions
    • Interfaces available for data communications: Ethernet, serial RS232, RS485 (or 422) for long distances (max 1 km)
    • External keyboard for parameter settings
    • Luminous and acoustic beacon available for remote alarm repetition
    • Concentrator PC and software available for remote management