The ZB-TC module is a ZigBee (WiFi) transceiver that can be used (in a pair) to communicate data from a probe to its reading unit.

Different versions are available, depending on the used components and the scope of the device. For example, a ZB-TC allows the communication with a Mercury GMP probe + PS-ZB accessory or in general with a probe, installing a module at each end of the wireless bridge.

Optionally, it is possible to mount two modules in a single box (ZB-TC II), typically with trolley-mounted double probe devices (as an alternative to using a single module for each probe).

The ZB-TC module is composed of the main parts here listed:

  • XBee Interface: wireless communication circuit where the XBee module is installed
  • Host PC Interface: interface with the device (reading unit/probe) fitted for RS232 and USB
  • Peripheral Interface: interface with the device (reading unit/probe) alternative to the previous one, fitted for RS485, RS 422 and RS232

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Different variations available
    • “On-chip” or external adjustable antenna
    • Modular and flexible
    • Communication distance up to 1 km with PRO version of XBee module
    • Different communication protocols available
    • Two units can be mounted in a single box, i.e. for double probe devices (optional ZB-TC II)
    • Bluetooth version available
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