The PNAI gamma detectors can be optionally coupled to a multi-channel analyser electronics (PNAI-MC), and installed inside a commercial 5 cm thick lead shielding. This configuration is called GSU, a high sensitivity gamma spectroscopy unit based on NaI(Tl) scintillators of the PNAI series.

The main application of GSU is to analyse the spectrum of the gamma emissions of radioisotopes contained in small samples, either coming from foundry casting process checks, air particulate filters, metal by-products, geological samples, food, and many other materials.

The system includes a standard sample holder designed for foundry casting samples.

Through the multichannel analyser electronics, it is possible to determine certain regions of interested (ROIs) in the emitted gamma spectrum, and thus determine the sample specific total activity (Bq/g) as well as the activity of each single radioisotope, e.g. 241Am, 137Cs and 60Co.

The GSU unit can be used as stand-alone equipment (e.g. to measure foundry casting samples, filters, or other materials) or as complementary sub-system of other instruments.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • NaI(Tl) based gamma spectrometer
    • Analysis of small samples
    • PC with ELSE NUCLEAR proprietary software for ROI definition and data management
    • Typical MDA of 0.02 Bq/g for foundry casting steel samples
    • Standard holder for sample to be monitored
    • MCA electronics: 2048 channels
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