GALILEO 9900P is a continuous gamma monitoring system designed to easily assess the contamination of moving materials, e.g. transported by a conveyor, through a fast gamma radiation detection performed by a large plastic scintillator. 

GALILEO 9900P main application is the monitoring of scrap metal, steel plates, or foundry dust, but it can be employed wherever a continuous gamma monitoring of moving materials is required.

The architecture of the system is simple and modular, thus highly adaptable.

GALILEO 9900P is composed of:

  • a stainless steel detector box to be installed (typically) directly above or under a conveyor
  • an acquisition unit with counter module and software interface installed on a panel PC, housed in a wall-mounted box

Measurements are performed continuously, through a moving average data analysis based on a pre-set integration time.

The environmental background is automatically determined or it can be set as a fixed value, and it is automatically subtracted.

Luminous and acoustic warnings are issued when the pre-set alarm threshold is trespassed.

The results of the measurements are saved in the internal archive, and printable reports are available to the user.

The plastic detector is shielded on the sides not facing the material to be monitored with lead sheets to reduce the environmental background contribution. The typical volume of the plastic scintillator is 25 l.

The detector is equipped with a PMT and an electronics module for HV supply and signal processing.

The counter and power supply modules are installed inside the panel PC box.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Fast and reliable gamma monitoring for conveyors
    • Simple, highly adaptable architecture
    • Large, high-sensitivity plastic scintillators
    • Installed above or under a conveyor
    • User-friendly management software interface
    • Parameters setting (alarm threshold, integration time)
    • Data and graphs archive
    • Dedicated and customised functions available