GALILEO 9900P is a continuous gamma monitoring system which employs plastic scintillators, designed and developed to easily assess if the materials in transit, through a defined passage or transported by a conveyor, are contaminated. The architecture of the system is simple and modular, thus highly adaptable.

The overall system structure can be portal-shaped (identical to the GALILEO 9900 series) for vehicles monitoring, or it can be composed of a fixed infrastructure installed directly above or under a conveyor, for dust/powder or wastes monitoring. In both cases, the mechanical housing of the detector is a stainless-steel box, shielded with 1 cm of lead on the sides not facing the materials to be monitored. 

The number of plastic scintillators used by the system depends on the application: 1 detector for monitoring materials carried by a conveyor, 2 detectors for monitoring vehicle with a portal-shaped structure.

The system is managed by a PC (desktop or panel PC) through a software interface very easy to understand and to operate.

Measurements are performed continuously, through moving average data analysis and on the basis of a constant integration time that can be set as a parameter.


Each episode of threshold trespassing is saved in the archive, and the user can access the data and visualise them in a graph form.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Continuous gamma monitoring of materials (objects, vehicles, dust/powder)
    • Portal configuration (2 detectors) or conveyor configuration (1 detector)
    • Detector mechanical housing identical to GALILEO 9900 series
    • User-friendly management software, allowing parameters setting (e.g. alarm threshold and integration time)
    • Interlock contact connected to the alarm
    • Exportable and printable data archive
    • Panel PC as an alternative to the desktop PC
    • Remote alarm column ALU available