• Monitoring of hospital waste with MHOS HWM-S

    Monitoring of hospital waste with MHOS HWM-S

    We gladly present our MHOS HWM-S contamination monitor for hospital waste. Read More
  • Radiation protection at MITICA

    Radiation protection at MITICA

    We are really glad to support the radiation protection group at MITICA (Megavolt ITER Injector & Concept Advancement) with ELSE NUCLEAR area monitoring instruments. Read More
  • Radiation portals for hospital waste monitoring

    Radiation portals for hospital waste monitoring

    High-sensitivity radiation portals can also be installed indoor for specific applications like hospital waste monitoring. Read More
  • How about easy on-site scan of radioactive drums?

    How about easy on-site scan of radioactive drums?

    Are you sure that you always need an HPGe detector for characterizing radioactive drums? Read More
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At ELSE NUCLEAR, we design and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of systems for radiation detection, employed in a wide range of applications: environmental monitoring, radiation protection, homeland security, radioactive waste management, decommissioning of nuclear power plants, nuclear medicine, industry, and physics research.

In the extremely competitive present market, ELSE NUCLEAR is doing its best to offer not only reliable instrumentation, but also tailor-made devices built according to the customer needs and capable of fulfilling their expectations, providing solutions otherwise unattainable.

Thanks to its long and successful history, ELSE NUCLEAR represents today one of the world leading manufacturers of radiation detectors and environmental monitoring systems. The company major goal is to support and advice customers in the definition of the best solution for their requirements, starting from the design phase, down to the manufacturing and installation process. The company provides after sales assistance, specialised training, service and maintenance.

The R&D department actively cooperates with universities, international organisations and research laboratories for studying open issues in radiation detection and for developing innovative solutions to expand its range of products.

The company products are installed and currently operational in more than 20 countries worldwide. Our customers include research centres, particle accelerator facilities, universities, environmental agencies, nuclear power plants, industries and hospitals.

See the "References" section for an overview of our most relevant, challenging and interesting projects around the world. 

ELSE NUCLEAR is also a voting member of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS).

The Company is associated with A.P.I. (Associazione Piccole e Medie Industrie).
Click on the logo below to access A.P.I. web page.

Please feel free to browse our products specifications here collected, and to contact us for any question.

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    The EASYSCAN spectrometric mobile station is a robust and handy system designed to perform an easy, fast and reliable spectrometric Read More
  • SP2


    The single sphere neutron spectrometer (SP2) is a unique tool that allows performing active neutron spectrometry measurements by employing a Read More
  • B-RAD


    B-RAD is a portable, hand-held gamma monitor, capable of providing the photon spectra in presence of strong electromagnetic fields. Read More
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  • Represented producers

    ELSE NUCLEAR is distributor for Italy of many producers, covering several and complementary fields of application. Here is provided the Read More
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    Here is the list of ELSE NUCLEAR's official distributors sorted by country: Read More
  • R&D and collaborations

    The company personnel is composed of senior firmware/software developers, experienced and highly trained technicians, physicists, engineers, and researchers. Read More
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