Radiation portal monitors

ELSE NUCLEAR range of products includes also radiation portal monitors developed to automatically scan vehicles, pedestrians or materials passing through, measuring the level of radioactivity and providing alarm warnings if a pre-set threshold is trespassed. Radiation portal monitors have been employed at industries, steel plants, scrap metal dealers, nuclear power plants, research reactors, particle accelerator facilities, hospitals.

Up to date, there are more than 300 operating radiation portal monitors provided and installed by ELSE NUCLEAR worldwide.

Discover our radiation portal monitors:

  • Radiation portal monitors for vehicles and railway weighing stations (GALILEO series)
  • Systems for continuous gamma monitoring of moving material (GALILEO 9900P)
  • Portals for pedestrians (PPM)
  • Radiation portal monitors for hospital waste (MHOS HWM-P15)

The PPM pedestrian radiation portal monitor is designed to monitor persons passing through the device for detection of smuggled radioactive sources or possible contamination. 

The MHOS HWM-P15 radiation monitor is designed to perform automatic gamma contamination measurements on the materials passing through the transit area defined by its portal-shaped structure. 

GALILEO 9900P is a continuous gamma monitoring system designed to easily assess the contamination of moving materials, e.g. transported by a conveyor, through a fast gamma radiation detection performed by a large plastic scintillator. 

The GALILEO radiation portal monitor is designed to automatically scan the load of vehicles (trucks or rail wagons on weighting stations) passing through its structure, and to detect any radioactive contamination due to the presence of gamma emitting radionuclide.