The VEBOS system is designed to perform a complete scan of individuals standing in front of a vertically moving detection equipment.

The measuring equipment is composed of 2 liquid-nitrogen-cooled HPGe detectors, each coupled to a 30 l nitrogen dewar, and managed by a multi-channel analyser.

The detectors are shielded with lead collimators in order to reduce the contribution due to environmental background. The collimators can also be used to define a detection field of view, according to the measurement requirements (e.g. full body scan, hot spot deep analysis, etc.).

The detectors and related components are lodged on a mechanically moving shelf, activated by the system software according to the pre-set measurement sequence.

The mechanical structure of VEBOS includes a main frame which acts both as supporting structure as well as shielding from external background contribution.

The primary user interface is provided by a built-in panel PC with proprietary software allowing the complete management of the system, i.e. activation and control of the measurements, display/archive of the results, etc.

Several safety devices are implemented in VEBOS: a base platform that detects an individual presence, interlocks at the maintenance door, and buttons on the holding handles to enable the movement of the detectors.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Measure of total body activity and committed effective dose
    • Fully automatic scanning system
    • Alternative detection equipment options
    • Detectors: two liquid-nitrogen-cooled HPGe
    • Low-background lead shielding/collimators
    • Extensive safety devices
    • Several operating modes available according to required activities
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