The EASYSCAN mobile station is a robust and handy system designed to perform an easy, fast and reliable spectrometric analysis of radioactive material contained in drums, where the fine spectroscopy provided by HPGe-based systems is not needed.

The EASYSCAN main components are:

  • 4 NaI(Tl) 3”x3” scintillator detectors coupled to MCAs
  • Lead shielding for each detector, which also defines the scintillator field of view (collimation)
  • Wheel-mounted mechanical support structure for detectors
  • Control laptop with user-friendly software interface

The detectors are distributed in a vertical array of 4 units. 

Each detector is provided with a 20 mm lead shielding around the active volume (end-cap), acting at the same time as a collimator: each scintillator can only “see” one of the 4 so-defined vertical layers of the drum. The system can achieve an MDA of 0.05 Bq/g (15 minutes measurement, 0.2 g/cc density, 220 l drum).

The wheel-mounted mechanical support structure is robust and very easy to move around, so EASYSCAN can be easily deployed in different locations without having to disassemble the scintillators or the electronics. Thanks to the anti-vibration absorbers, it can also well resist accidental bumps that may normally occur during its re-location.

Radioactive drums of different volumes can be characterized with EASYSCAN, i.e. 220, 300, 400 liters and even bigger ones.

The operator can quickly set each detector at the desired position (height) thanks to four independent manual wheels, located on the top of the structure.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Efficient alternative to HPGe-based systems
    • Monte Carlo calculated efficiency 
    • Sub-sections scanning procedure
    • Detectors: 4 NaI(Tl) 3”x3” scintillators with MCA
    • Robust, wheel-mounted mechanical structure
    • Lead shielding/collimation for each detector
    • Geometries database and release limits calculation
    • MDA (Co-60): 0.05 Bq/g (15 min)