Scanning systems

ELSE NUCLEAR developed, among the first players worldwide, a deep know-how in all the activities connected to decommissioning of nuclear power plants. This led the company to design and manufacture different solutions for radioactive waste characterization, which find their main application in nuclear power plants, sites being decommissioned, hospitals, and wherever there is a need of waste clearance before free release.

Up to date, ELSE NUCLEAR manufactured and installed since its foundation many scanning systems in all the nuclear sites in the Italian territory. More recently, active collaborations with international partners led the company to expand its customer network abroad.

Discover our scanning systems:

  • Automated systems for characterization of radioactive containers and drums (AURAS 3000 and ADAMOS series)
  • Spectrometric mobile station for characterization of radioactive drums (EASYSCAN)
  • Spectrometric station with scintillators for characterization of radioactive waste (FREE-AND 16)
  • Automatic monitoring system for pipes (PIPE SCANNER, PIPE SCANNER LITE)
  • Contamination monitor for tools and surfaces (ARCHIMEDES II WiFi)
  • Radiation portal monitor for excavation materials (ARCHIMEDES III)
  • Contamination monitors for small objects (CARONTE and BOX COUNTER)
  • Systems for monitoring contamination in hospital waste (MHOS HWM-P, MHOS HWM-S)

The BOX COUNTER system is designed to perform a fast gamma contamination check of laundry, waste bags, tools and other small objects. 

The CARONTE gamma contamination monitor is designed to easily measure the radioactivity level of small objects such as boxes, tools or laundry bags. 

The MHOS gamma monitors are specifically designed to measure the radioactive contamination level in hospital waste carried by small containers. 

The ARCHIMEDES II WiFi is designed to perform fast measurements of the gamma activity of bags, potentially containing contaminated materials.

The FREE-AND 16 spectrometric station is a robust and handy system designed to perform spectrometric analysis of waste materials, where the fine spectroscopy provided by HPGe-based systems is not needed.

The EASYSCAN spectrometric mobile station is a robust and handy system designed to perform an easy, fast and reliable spectrometric analysis of radioactive material contained in drums, where the fine spectroscopy provided by HPGe-based systems is not needed.

The PIPE SCANNER LITE monitor has been designed to easily perform surface contamination measurements of pipe sections coming from activities such as nuclear power plants decommissioning, or in general wherever a radiometric scanning of surfaces or pipes is needed.

The system is designed to perform a complete and accurate scanning of both the internal and external surfaces of pipes coming from decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

AURAS 3000 is a highly automated system for scanning and characterising a variety of sample sizes and forms (bags, boxes, drums, and B25 containers), with densities in the range 100 kg/m3 to 2000 kg/m3. The system is equipped with up to four electro- or nitrogen-cooled HPGe detectors. 

ADAMOS is an automated segmented gamma scanner system, designed to scan and characterise drums filled with radioactive waste. Thanks to the full modularity architecture of the system, its layout can be defined selecting each component from the available options, to meet specific requirements.

The radiation portal monitor ARCHIMEDES III is designed to measure the radioactivity level in excavation materials of various nature.