ADAMOS series


ADAMOS is an automated Segmented Gamma Scanner station, designed to scan and characterise drums filled with radioactive waste materials. The layout of the station and the measurement equipment can be composed selecting each modular component from the available options, to meet specific requirements.

The radioactive material contained in the drums is scanned in layers by the detectors, while the drum is put into a rotation by the support platform, and the detection equipment performing spectroscopy analysis is moved to different heights to scan each layer (sub-section of the total volume).

The system also features an automatic centring function, a horizontally movable detector frame and a set of collimators; the correct measurement setup is automatically selected and applied by the software based on the measurement type and the radioactivity level.

All the actuations and safety devices of the machine are locally managed by a highly reliable PLC. The operator can interact with the system through the local touch-screen panel PC (installed on the switchboard) and a remote management PC.

The software installed on the remote PC manages the workflow, sending commands to the PLC, which then performs the related macro operations. The whole machine status is constantly monitored by the software in order to detect failures or anomalous conditions.

ADAMOS stations implement the “safety by design” principle to prevent any harm to operators and to the mechanical parts of the system. Among the others, ADAMOS stations include the following safety measures:

  • Main power supply switch located on the front of the electronics box
  • Perimeter grilled fences with sliding and interlockable doors
  • Emergency stop push-buttons located on the front of the switchboard and on the remote keyboard
  • Key switch for manual operation and area lock activation
  • Emergency switch at the end of the unloading conveyor

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Detector: HPGe, PVT scintillators, NaI(Tl)
    • Energy range: 30 keV – 7 MeV
    • Automatic drum centering and weighting function
    • Drums size: up to 500 l and 2500 kg with a density up to 2 g/cm3
    • Local and remote operator interfaces
    • Layers measurement of the drum’s volume
    • GammaVision analysis software for activity concentration measurements