Environmental monitoring systems

ELSE NUCLEAR has been historically involved in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of products for environmental monitoring systems for a wide range of customers: nuclear power plants, regional and national environmental agencies, universities, research centres, particle accelerator facilities, etc. 

Up to date, ELSE NUCLEAR has more than 3000 detection units integrated in environmental monitoring systems, installed in over 40 countries operating since the ‘90s worldwide.

Please refer to the Order Guide provided here (click the link to open), to access an easy and schematic explanatioon of our systems architecture.

Discover our complete set of products for environmental monitoring systems:

  • Ion chamber based gamma radiation monitoring unit (NAUSICAA IC-T, ICP-T, DISCOVERY IC-T)
  • Geiger Muller based gamma detectors (GM-1, MERCURY GMP WR)
  • Neutron rem counter for pulsed fields (LUPIN BF3-NP)
  • Digital ratemeters (SATURN I, SATURN II)
  • Gamma and neutron environmental monitoring mobile stations (SATURN 5702)
  • Visualization and processing software for monitoring networks (5700 sMON)

LUPIN BF3-NP is an environmental monitoring unit for neutron H*(10) measurements, with unique excellent performance for neutron detection in pulsed fields.

The SATURN ratemeter is a compact acquisition and control unit, designed for managing and processing signals from any ELSE NUCLEAR connected detector. 

SATURN 5702 is a mobile station equipped with two detectors for gamma and neutron dose rate monitoring. The station includes:

  • Ion-chamber-based gamma radiation monitoring unit: ICP-T or ICP-T-PF
  • Neutron rem counter for pulsed fields: LUPIN BF3-NP

5700 sMON software is a complete, Windows compatible, remotesoftware package for real time control, display and management ofenvironmental monitoring systems, i.e. a network of radiation monitoringunits based on Ethernet or serial connections.

NAUSICAA is an ion-chamber-based gamma radiation monitoring unit, available in two versions: IC-T for environmental measurements (9 decades electrometer) and IC-T-PF for pulsed field measurements (7 decades electrometer).

According to the measurement requirements, different versions of Geiger-Müller detectors are available: single-Geiger detector GM-1 (up to 1 mSv/h) or double-Geiger detector MERCURY GMP WR (up to 1 Sv/h).