Spectrometry systems

ELSE NUCLEAR, thanks to collaborations with universities and international research centres, achieved important results in developing highly specialized spectrometry systems for gamma and neutron radiation. The devices designed so far provide fast and reliable spectrometry measurements in a wide range of conditions.

Up to date, ELSE NUCLEAR supplied gamma and neutron spectrometry systems to research facilities, steel foundries, nuclear power plants, and particle accelerator facilities.


Discover our spectrometry systems:

  • Gamma spectrometry unit with NaI(Tl) scintillator detector (GSU, GSU DYMO)
  • Hand-held spectrometer for gamma radiation (B-RAD)
  • Mobile gamma spectrometry and survey units (HERMES)
  • Bonner sphere set for neutron spectrometry (BSS)
  • Single sphere neutron spectrometer (SP2)
  • Wide energy active neutron spectrometer (W-PIE)

The Bonner sphere spectrometer consists of an array of He-3 proportional counter thermal neutron detectors, each housed in a spherical HDPE moderator of different diameters. 

B-RAD is a hand-held radio-isotope identifier (RIID), capable of providing the photon spectra in presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

The single-sphere neutron spectrometer SP2 is a unique device that allows to perform active neutron spectrometry measurements by employing a single instrument instead of the usual multi-sphere BSS.

HERMES systems are portable, easily deployable units designed to perform field measurements of gamma radiation or gamma spectrometry analysis, for applications such as radiation monitoring, geology research, laboratory analysis, environmental survey, etc.

HERMES CsI is designed to monitor a soil portion (i.e. footprint) in order to acquire gamma ray spectra to evaluate activity concentration of natural and artificial radionuclides, namely K-40, U-238, Th-232 and Cs-137 at natural background level.

The W-PIE neutron spectrometer is a unique device designed for on-line neutron spectrometry measurements.

GSU gamma spectrometry unit is composed of a 2”x2” NaI(Tl) detector with MCA, installed inside a 5 cm thick lead shielding well, performing high sensitivity gamma spectrometry and specific activity measurements.