Worldwide customers

We are expanding worldwide! In this map you can see where are located our customers.

Positive feedbacks and huge interest in our products: these are the results we are collecting thanks to the excellence of our technology and know-how.

JRC - Ispra

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) Ispra Site is the third biggest Commission site after Brussels and Luxembourg.

After more than 50 years of development, Ispra is firmly established as one of Europe's leading research campuses. Nested in the beautiful setting of the Italian lakes, Ispra provides a fascinating, multicultural working environment for people from all over Europe and beyond.

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) - LUPIN 5401 BF3-NP

The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI is an advanced research institute for natural and engineering sciences based in Switzerland, conducting cutting-edge research in fields such as matter and materials, energy and environment and human health.

Every year, a large number of scientists from Switzerland and around the world come to PSI to use its unique facilities to carry out experiments that are not possible anywhere else. PSI is also committed to the training of future generations, and for this reason about one quarter of PSI staff are apprentices, post-graduates or post-docs. 

SOGIN multi-lot tender

SOGIN S.p.A. is the institution in charge of the management of all nuclear plant sites in Italy, and all the related activities. Therefore SOGIN is also our main italian customer for decommissioning instrumentation and monitoring devices: we have provided several monitoring systems installed in all the nuclear plants sites, as well as automatic scanning devices for decommissioning materials. Our biggest and more important machines have been specifically developed for decommissioning activies carried out in SOGIN sites. We can positively say that we are well-known in SOGIN and diffusely present with our products, thanks to a commercial relationship going back many years by now.