The MISTRAL XM monitoring system is designed to sample and monitor the activity concentration in the air, in Marinelli geometry, where “X” stands for the number of sampling points (up to 8). The MISTRAL XM Rooms is designed for free air monitoring, whereas the MISTRAL XM Stack version is used to monitor the air expelled from a chimney or Stack.

The system performs a multichannel analysis of the detected radiation, thanks to an electronics and a software specifically designed for this task. The MISTRAL XM can be included in a environmental monitoring system (i.e. PITAGORA 5700), thanks an Ethernet connection with the central acquisition unit of the system.

MISTRAL XM is composed of two main parts:

  • Sampling and detection unit: SDU-XM
  • Acquisition and processing unit: APU

The SDU-XM sampling and detection unit consists in a NaI(Tl) detector with MCA electronics (PNAI-MC), a lead shielding, a pump to sample the air, a flowmeter to control the flow rate, and an array of electro-valves which automatically sample the air from the rooms to be monitored. If required, the system can also manage the expulsion of the monitored air, for example into the Stack.

As an option, and thanks to a flow rate meter (STACK-DFM) installed into the Stack, the systems can also calculate the activity referred to the expelled air’s volume. STACK-DFM is mounted in a box together with a data acquisition module, necessary to communicate with the control PC.

The APU acquisition and processing unit consists in the data processing/display elements (PC + software), the power supply module, and the 19” rack which the components are installed in.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Lead shield for 3 liters Marinelli geometry with NaI(Tl) detector, or optional LaBr3(Ce3+)
    • Associated electronic for MCA
    • Minimum detectable activity: <1 Bq/l of 18F with TM 5 min
    • Energy Range: 25 keV
    • Pump to sample and expel the air
    • Flow switch for pump good functioning control
    • Interception electrovalves for the multiplexed automatic sampling of up to 8 rooms
    • Acquisition, processing and display of the energy spectra
    • Data acquisition and processing software
    • Relays for remote devices control
    • Flow rate meter installed into the Stack (optional STACK-DFM)


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