New operative headquarters

In the recent months, ELSE NUCLEAR is undergoing an important expansion process. As a result, the company is going to open a new operative headquarter!

Thanks to the collaboration agreement established with CAEN SyS, the company will soon engage new projects, particularly regarding big automatic stations, systems and machines for monitoring and survey activities related to nuclear power plants decommissioning.

Clearly, this will mean a growing need for space, necessary to be able to manage properly this new and challenging step or our activity.

So, to improve the logistic efficiency of development and assembly processes, related to big machines but in general to any voluminous mechanical structure, starting from June 1st a new headquarter will be operative in Scandicci, near Firenze.

The new headquarter will be a vast depot able to accommodate huge volumes of materials, and this will give us a new opportunity to grow both in logistic planning and in production processes.

This experience, under the guide of a wise marketing and business planning, will be the main source of energy that will push the company towards new results and new markets.

In fact, one of the goals we are aiming to is to strengthen our presence in the hospital business, developing new products, building new collaborations, and of course offering a more and more widespread service program. The new Scandicci headquarter will be the first step towards this target as well.

June 2017