Environmental monitoring systems - Order guide

An ELSE NUCLEAR environmental monitoring system is composed of:

  • a network of detectors, each connected to a single ratemeter, sending data to…
  • …a host PC running a proprietary software that manages measurements and parameters 

The purpose of this guide is to allow the reader to easily understand how the components are connected, and which are the available detectors.

Depending on the application and on the detector model, the ratemeter will be external or embedded, as shown in the figure below.

More information about the system functions and a list of the available detector models are also provided below.

Host PC

The host PC is supplied with the 5700 sMON software already installed.

The software provides a full synoptic overview of the system: all the connected detectors are displayed through virtual indicators that visualize real-time data and detector status.

The user can manage the whole system through the software, setting the main parameters of each connected ratemeter, accessing the historical data archived in the database, visualizing and exporting data.

An accessory alarm column ALU can be provided, to be connected to the host PC, providing an “OR” indication of all the detectors and ratemeters status (alarm, pre-alarm, good functioning).

Available detectors

All ELSE NUCLEAR detector models can be used as a component of an environmental monitoring system.

The ratemeters are connected to the host PC through an Ethernet or RS485 network (for distances > 100 m). The ratemeters also provide power supply to the connected detector. A mains socket is needed near each ratemeter to connect the provided 230/110VAC-24VDC adapter.

January 2024