SVAFO - KTH collaboration: assay of legacy waste

We're proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with AB Svafo and Kungliga Tekniska högskolan KTH, where we're pioneering the development of the first-ever drum scanning technology for enhanced Non-Destructive Assay of radioactive "legacy" waste.

The scanning system we developed will be used in combination with the cutting-edge technique Neutron-Gamma Emission Tomography (NGET) developed by KTH, enabling sensitive detection and 3D localization of Special Nuclear Materials without the need for moving components.

We're incredibly proud to share that this revolutionary application of the NGET technique has been honoured with the prestigious Euratom Innovation Prize 2022.

Following acceptance tests conducted at our factory, we're delighted to announce that the system is ready to be deployed. It will serve as the pioneering NDA characterization station for the Swedish legacy waste drum inventory at the Svafo interim storage facility in Studsvik, Sweden.


We can't wait to witness the transformative impact of this system in action in Sweden!

April 2024