Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) - LUPIN 5401 BF3-NP

A great success!
Our customization ability earned us the opportunity to supply an important part of SwissFEL Dose Rate Protection System (PSI, Switzerland).

The Paul Scherrer Institute is an advanced research institute for natural and engineering sciences based in Switzerland, conducting cutting-edge research in fields such as matter and materials, energy and environment and human health.

Every year, a large number of scientists from Switzerland and around the world come to PSI to use its unique facilities to carry out experiments that are not possible anywhere else. PSI is also committed to the training of future generations, and for this reason about one quarter of PSI staff are apprentices, post-graduates or post-docs.

ELSE NUCLEAR established a positive dialogue with PSI, while looking for expansion opportunities towards foreing market and high-level technologies. During the 2015 we managed to present ourselves as PSI suppliers, thanks to two orders where our standard products as well as our customization ability have won the Institute appreciation.

After this first success, we conquered another goal winning one of PSI's largest ever European tender for supply and installation of the Dose Rate Protection System at the new Swiss Free Electron Laser accelerator at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Villigen (Switzerland).

As part of this mandate, ELSE NUCLEAR will be providing up to 55 customized neutron detectors specifically conceived for detecting ultra-short bursts of radiation, both for radiation protection and beam loss monitoring purposes.

May 2016