5700 sMON


The software 5700 sMON is a complete, remote software package for real time control, display and management of an entire monitoring network, utilising serial (RS485 or RS422) or Ethernet connections.

The graphic interface presents four management windows: Main, Parameters, Command and Graphics. Everyone of these has virtual keys and selectors available for user friendly access to the functions.

The 5700 sMON software displays and processes the data coming from the monitoring units connected to the system, and allows to control in real time the whole network from a central remote unit, through a serial/Ethernet connection.

The software archives every minute the dose rate and maximum instantaneous rate data, providing a daily archive file.

Every 10 minutes, every hour and every day, the medium rates are saved and stored too. The archives can be shared on a local LAN network through an Ethernet connection. The Client version of the software allows to visualize both the real time data and the archives.

With SMON software package it is possible to operate with the following menu:

  • Main panel
  • Parameters panel
  • Command panel
  • Graphics panel


Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • User friendly remote management software, with easy access to the archives
    • Contemporary display of up to 45 monitors
    • Continuous control and real time visualization of monitoring status: good operation (green), pre-alarm (yellow), alarm (red)
    • Acquisition and storage minute by minute on daily file of dose average and maximum rates
    • Daily report with minute, hour, day, month and year of storage data
    • Visualization and storage of integrated data on 10 minute, 1 hour or 1 day 
    • Possibility of elaboration of portions of data, saving the results on text file
    • Printable archives compatibles with spreadsheet (i.e. Microsoft Excel)
    • Contemporary display of up to 4 printable historical graphics
    • Management of operative parameters for each local monitoring point
    • Shared archives on LAN network through Ethernet connection
    • Password protection
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