NAUSICAA is an ion-chamber-based gamma radiation monitoring unit, available in two versions: IC-T for environmental measurements (9 decades electrometer) and IC-T-PF for pulsed field measurements (7 decades electrometer).

Both versions include an ion chamber detector, an electrometer and a CPU-based acquisition and control unit.

The display visualises the dose rate value and status messages, while a built-in buzzer and coloured LEDs provide additional status indications.

The alarm thresholds, the operational parameters and the measurement data are saved in the internal memory. The user can set the parameters through the external keyboard or 5700 sMON software (if provided).

The standard NAUSICAA configuration, suitable for indoor use, is composed by a 3U 63HP table box housing the electronics modules, and the ion chamber directly installed on top of it.

Wall mounting accessory and trolley kit are also available, as well as an IP54 enclosure.

It is possible to connect one or more units to a host PC (running 5700 sMON software) through Ethernet or serial communication.

The ICP-T detector is identical to NAUSICAA, but it does not include the CPU, being connected to and managed by a SATURN ratemeter.

The DISCOVERY IC-T unit is a special version of NAUSICAA, assembled in a IP65 housing, designed to operate outdoor; data can be transmitted through a wireless connection or downloaded through a dedicated utility.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Extremely high reliability
    • Highest sensitiviy available on the market
    • Extremely stable response
    • Pressurized ion chamber detector
    • Measurement range: 10 nSv/h ÷ 10 Sv/h or 10 nSv/h ÷ 100 mSv/h
    • Energy range: 30 keV ÷ 10 MeV
    • Data and status display
    • Data communication to host PC: ETH or RS