The BOX COUNTER system is designed to perform a fast gamma radiation monitoring of laundry, waste bags, tools and other small objects.

The system measures the radioactive contamination of the items placed inside the measuring chamber, and compares the result with the release limits. System statuses such as alarm events and malfunctions are displayed on the Pc of the control console and signaled by the visual/acoustic alarm unit installed on the top of the monitor.

The BOX COUNTER system can be easily moved and positioned by the operator thanks to 4 pivoting and lockable wheels. The enclosure is entirely made of stainless steel, all internal and external surfaces are specifically designed to be easily cleaned and decontaminated.

The core of the system is the measuring chamber, which is designed to provide a large active volume as well as a high sensitivity. The (WxDxH) 700x700x835 mm chamber is accessible through 4 side doors. Five detectors are installed, 4 in the doors and 1 in the top side, facing the cahmber through a thin stainless steel panel.

The detectors are based on large plastic scintillators, properly

dimensioned to achieve an excellent sensitivity throughout a wide gamma energy range. The associated PMT base provides HV supply and analogical signal processing. The external sides of the detectors are shielded with lead sheets, in order to minimize the environmental radiation background and improve the system sensitivity. Each detectors of the BOX COUNTER can detect a 4 kBq Cs-137 source in 10 seconds (MDA, 95% confidence, for a point source at 50 cm).

The control console, consisting in the touch-screen Pc and the graphic management software, is installed on the top of the monitor in an easily accessible position. The software allows to operate and manage the system, i.e. activate the measurements; analyze, display and save the data coming from the counting electronics; set the operational parameters, such as alarm thresholds, detector enabling and calibration factors; activate, mute and reset the alarm and malfunction statuses through relay switches.

A quality check can be performed before the measurement starts, to verify the proper functioning of the system.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Detectors: up to 5 large plastic scintillators
    • Lead shielding on the external sides of the detectors
    • Decontaminable internal and external surfaces
    • Measuring chamber: 70x83x70 cm
    • 4 side doors: 70x83 cm
    • External dimensions: 160x140x97 cm
    • 4 pivoting and lockable wheels
    • Visual and acoustic alarm indication
    • Power supply: 220 VAC – 50 Hz
    • Control console with touch-screen Pc
    • Ethernet connection available
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