The BOX COUNTER system is designed to perform a fast gamma contamination check of laundry, waste bags, tools and other small objects, to be placed inside a shielded measurement chamber (M.C.). 

Measurement results, alarms and malfunctions are visualised by the control console and also signalled by a built-in alarm column. A digital scale allows to acquire the weight of the objects to be measured.

The measurement chamber is accessible through 4 side doors.

BOX COUNTER is equipped with large plastic scintillators, shielded with 10 mm lead sheets to minimize the environmental radiation background. Up to six detectors can be installed: 4 in the doors, 1 in the top and 1 in the bottom side. The system can reach an MDA as low as 4 kBq (Cs-137) in 10 seconds. 

The available versions are:

  • 2U - two plastic detectors each installed in a side door
  • 4U - four plastic detectors each installed in a side door
  • 6U - six plastic detectors, four of which installed in the side doors, and two in the top and bottom of the M.C.
  • 6U NORM - five plastic detectors in the side doors and in the bottom of the M.C., and a 2”x2” NaI(Tl) detector with MCA in the top

BOX COUNTER can be easily moved and relocated by the user thanks to 4 pivoting, lockable wheels. The internal and external surfaces of the stainless steel mechanical structure are specifically designed to be easily cleaned and decontaminated.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Fast and accurate contamination measurements
    • Fully accessible measurement chamber
    • Mobile, easily deployable system
    • Detectors: up to 6 large plastic scintillators
    • NORM version with NaI(Tl) detector and MCA
    • Easy decontamination of internal and external surfaces
    • 70 x 70 x 83 cm measurement chamber
    • Ethernet connection for data exporting
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