The CARONTE gamma contamination monitor is designed to easily measure the radioactivity level of small objects, such as boxes, tools or laundry bags, transported across a measurement area by a conveyor belt. 

The scanning cycle and the measurement procedure are entirely controlled by the software installed on the control PC, which manages the PLC commands sequence.

The materials to be monitored are placed on one side of the conveyor belt, which is constantly moving, and a set of photocells allows the software to know the object position and properly manage the scanning steps. A static, operator-guided mode is also available.

At the end of each scanning sequence, if the pre-set alarm thresholds are exceeded, a proper visual and acoustic indication will be activated.

The automatic cycle includes the following steps:

  • calculation of the object length
  • data acquisition for a pre-set time inside the measurement area
  • presentation of measurement results
  • if not contaminated, transportation of the object to the end of the conveyor belt

The cycle is then automatically resumed; if the object is longer than the measurement area, consecutive steps are performed until the entire length of the object is scanned.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Automatic scanning cycle
    • Fast contamination monitoring 
    • High counting efficiency
    • Detectors: up to 4 shielded plastic scintillators
    • Movable upper detector along vertical axis
    • Wheel-mounted frame
    • Automatic, photocell-surveyed monitoring cycle
    • MDA (Co-60): 200 Bq (10 s)