LUPIN BF3-NP is an environmental monitoring unit for neutron H*(10) measurements, with unique excellent performance for neutron detection in pulsed fields.

The rem counter is composed of:

  • BF3 neutron proportional counter
  • Cylindrical moderating assembly
  • Built-in power supply, signal management and control electronics

The electronics processes the signal coming from the detector and elaborates the instantaneous H*(10) rate value every second.

If required, the radiation sensitive electronics can be housed in a separate rack, thanks to the modularity of the instrument components.

An accessory IP54 version is also available.

The data are sent to the connected SATURN ratemeter acquisition and control unit, which locally displays the instantaneous H*(10) rate and the integrated values and compares them to the pre-set alarm thresholds.

A LUPIN BF3-NP LITE version is also available, featuring a lighter build and a narrower energy range, suitable for all the applications that do not require to detect neutrons with energy above 20 MeV.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Only detector worldwide efficiently working in PF
    • Modular electronics, high sensitivity
    • Fully customizable for specific requirements
    • From thermal up to 10 GeV or up to 20 MeV (LITE)
    • Energy response fitting ICRP74 conversion curve
    • Unaffected by signal pile-up
    • Max H*(10) per burst in pulsed fields: 2 µSv
    • Excellent gamma rejection (< 0.5 µSv/h @ 50 mSv/h)
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