LUPIN BF3-NP is an environmental monitoring unit for neutron H*(10) measurements, with unique excellent performance for neutron detection in pulsed fields.

The rem counter is composed of:

  • BF3 neutron proportional counter
  • Cylindrical moderating assembly
  • Built-in power supply, signal acquisition and processing, and control electronics

The built-in electronics processes the signal coming from the detector and elaborates the instantaneous H*(10) rate value every second.


If required, the radiation sensitive electronics can be housed in a separate rack, thanks to the modularity of the instrument components.

The data are sent to the connected SATURN ratemeter acquisition and control unit, which locally displays the instantaneous H*(10) rate and the integrated values and compares them to the pre-set alarm thresholds.

A LUPIN BF3-NP LITE version is also available, featuring a lighter build and a narrower energy range, suitable for all the applications that do not require to detect neutrons with energy above 20 MeV.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Only detector world-wide efficiently working in pulsed fields
    • Modular electronics
    • High sensitivity
    • Fully customizable for specific requirements of particle accelerator facilities
    • Energy range: from thermal up to 10 GeV or up to 20 MeV (LITE version)
    • Energy response closely resembles the ICRP74 conversion curve
    • Unaffected by signal pile-up and so particularly suited for pulsed neutron fields
    • Maximum H*(10) per burst in pulsed fields: 2 µSv
    • Connectable to SATURN ratemeters
    • Excellent gamma rejection (< 0.5 µSv/h at 50 mSv/h, 662 keV)
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