The MHOS gamma monitors are designed to measure the level of radioactive contamination in hospital wastes while they are transported in carts inside small containers. 

The measurement procedure is different according to the specific model and the requred specifications.

MHOS is available in two main configurations:

  • portal-shaped MHOS HWM-P contamination monitor
  • single column MHOS HWM-S with digital scale

MHOS HWM-P allows to detect contaminated material passing through the transit area defined by the two columns. This monitor is equipped with two plastic scintillators, each installed in one of the columns.

Data are expressed in counts per second (cps).

MHOS HWM-S performs a static measurement of the material, which is automatically started by the system once the bag/small container is placed upon the scale platform. This monitor employs a single plastic scintillator, mounted directly in front of the scale.

The weight and activity data are then elaborated to provide the radioactive concentration, expressed in Bq or Bq/g.

The acquisition and processing electronics is housed inside the detector columns, directly connected to the detectors. Through the built-in touch-screen panel PC, the operator can easily interact with the visualization software and manage the data, as well as the measurement parameters.

Additional Info

  • Main features:
    • Highly adaptable systems
    • Fast and accurate measurement procedure
    • Simple user interface
    • Detectors: plastic scintillators
    • Touch-screen panel PC for data acquisition and analysis
    • Automatic background subtraction
    • Storage and/or print of alarm and malfunction events
    • Activity concentration calculation (HWM-S)