Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics, Magurele, Romania

ELI-NP sets its suppliers some really challenging goals, as the research teams there are engaging new and unprecedented experiments.

We were awarded with the possibility of supplying dose rate monitoring systems to be installed both inside and outside the accelerator vault. 


Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics, Magurele, Romania

Project start-end date:

2017 - ongoing

Project description:

Supply and installation of gamma and neutron dose rate monitoring systems inside and outside the accelerator vaults


ELI-NP is the nuclear physics pillar of the Pan-European Distributed Research Infrastructure ELI-Extreme Light Infrastructure.

It is the largest investment ever made in scientific research in Romania and will operate two unique beam-producing machines: a very high intensity, ultra-short pulse laser system, and a system producing γ radiation by scattering of light photons on high energy electrons.

In the framework of different projects, ELSE NUCLEAR supplied gamma and neutron monitors specifically conceived to face the new challenges set by these unprecedented operating conditions.

Up to date, more than 20 detectors have been successfully supplied for installation in research facility, including ELSE NUCLEAR LUPIN 5401 BF3-NP neutron rem counters for pulsed fields, ELSE NUCLEAR ICP-T ion chamber based gamma radiation monitoring units, as well as ELSE NUCLEAR SATURN 5702 gamma and neutron environmental monitoring mobile stations.